The opportunity to return to walking is the opportunity to build a new life

Mahavir Kmina fabricate and donate prostheses for that many amputees and in situation of disability can return to walk, have a happy and dignified life, and be able to function fully in society.

Medicine and knowledge in Mahavir Kmina :

Thanks to an agreement with the University of Antioquia, Mahavir Kmina count today with the support and services of Dr. Jesus Alberto Silver, doctor who is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the same university, who will be performing medical evaluations to define if the person can receive one of our prostheses. These consultations will be conducted every Monday with the support of residents of the University. Welcome and thank you for your support!

Mahavir foot Kmina :

Our biomedical engineer Laura Bedoya began the first draft of research and innovation of Mahavir Kmina, in order to design a new foot for our prostheses. She has the support of the SENA and Technopark who will provide help in all phases of the project. Currently the project is developed by the BIOMEDIA engineer Laura Cuevas, with prior experience in research and development...